WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Highlights

Tonight was the eve, that WWE fans look forward too more then any other. It is the night of the Royal Rumble!! There was a lot of action, both good and bad, so without further ado, let’s get into it! *Spoiler Alert, results will be given*

The Good

WWE’s Promos- If you guys ever get bored, just go on Youtube and watch WWE promos. First, it’s a great way to kill time, and second, they’re awesome. Tonight was no exception, as WWE managed to get me more excited for the Rumble then I already was, which is truly saying something. It was a solid way to start the night, and a great, simple way to build excitement.

Cole shut your hole- I hope I wasn’t the only one who noticed that sign. If I was don’t tell me that I’m dreaming, because it made me laugh. I want J.R, not Cole, and so does everybody else. So, with that, Cole, shut your hole.

This is awesome!!!- Wow. If tonight wasn’t the Royal Rumble, that match would have been the match of the night. Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan started the show off with a bang, and set the bar that wasn’t met by the other single matches on the card. First, it was great that we didn’t have outside interference from Harper and Rowan. Second, the crowd was so into it. I know the feud is probably over after that match, but that was great. Wyatt’s clothesline and Sister Abigail outside of the ring was insane. I was on my couch chanting “THIS IS AWESOME” right with the crowd. I couldn’t even find myself getting mad that Bryan didn’t win, just the fact that the match was over. I know a lot of people out there will be saying, Bryan did a good job carrying it. Well, no, Wyatt held his own, and frankly I am now a huge fan. FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS.

Ambrose Alley- The Shield actually is such a special group. Dean Ambrose will be one of those guys who won’t need a title to be relevant, he will be just on his own. I felt that way tonight more then ever, with how you just want to hear him talk. Give him The Cat in the Hat, and he can read that to me all he wants. Seriously though, any book will do, so can we make that happen?

Trolls- Any crowd that has the energy that tonight’s had, it makes the event that more special. It happened all night, and I found them more entertaining then some matches. *cough cough, Cena/Orton.* Anyways, it started with the “This is awesome” chants heard during the Wyatt/Bryan match. No problem there, as the match was just that, awesome. It get even better when it looked like Randy Orton was going to punt each and every member of the audience in the head. Throughout that match I heard “Y2J” “Daniel Bryan” “YES/NO” and my personal favorite “We want Angle.” Oh, and of course “We want Ziggler” I’m sure Orton is at the point where he can’t wait to lose the title so he doesn’t have to deal with these crowds anymore. Personally, they’re great and we need more like them, so live crowds, when going to a show follow my 3 step philosophy to having fun:




Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines- It was nice to see Seth Rollins come in to join CM Punk as the first contestants in the Rumble match. Normally, it’s safe to say that two of the better workers will start in the ring to get the match going, before the others join in. It was a nice surprise, even though I was a little saddened by knowing who would enter in at number 1.Oh well, I’m happy we got to see Punk and Rollins again, so, more please!

He can fly- Kofi Kingston outdoes himself every year. I wish I could jump as far or as high as he could. I’d be like guys watch this, next thing you know, I’m 20 feet ahead of them.

Are you not entertained?- Roman Reigns, became a star tonight. We all knew that it was going to happen, but it came to fruition tonight. He set the new record with the most eliminations, and looked great. Speaking of great, his hair looked better then usual. Was I the only one who noticed that too? Probably…

The Bad

The bar has been set- I can’t say I’m surprised that Big Show v. Lesnar wasn’t as great as Bryan v Wyatt was. I just wonder what was going through the heads of the booking team when they decided to just have Lesnar hit Show with a chair for 15 minutes? Yea that would have been cool…in 2003. Couldn’t we have had the tag match instead? A Big E./Ryback match? A.J./Paige? No of course not, just WWE’S 2000’s greatest hits track 4 off of volume 3. Such a shame.

Our Intellectual Savior, needs Saving- Damien Sandow has the ability to be such a good heel, so give him a dang chance. I think it’s cool that guys like Batista and Lesnar come back, I really do, I just don’t understand why they have to be in the title picture. Guys like Sandow could be, but there isn’t any room up there!!!!

Wrong guy- Last year, Bo Dallas was the NXT representative, and had a very impressive showing in his first match. This year, I was really, really, really hoping it would have been Sammy Zayn…but, I was crushed. It was rough, but I think I’ll be ok since the roster is full of guys who will take up space for the next 3 months before they leave. Then, then he should come. Sidenote: Watch Sayn v Cesaro 2/3 falls match from earlier this year. It was my match of the year for 2013.

No shows- No Barrett? No RVD? No Bryan? No Jake “The Snake” Roberts? No Taker? NO 3MB!!!! WWE WHY?!?

The End- I thought, for one teensy-einsie second, that Roman Reigns was going to Wrestlemania. Then, a second later, my heart was ripped out on stopped on by someone who has already had his Wrestlemania moment. Roman Reigns is my pick for the Rumble next year. Please just don’t drop the ball on him ok? You have a star, so make it!

Thanks, for the read! Check back in tomorrow post Raw, for the highlights. Happy Mania season.

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