Highlights Of WWE Monday Night Raw 3-3-14.

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The Good

We’re sorry, heres some good stuff- Hey we know CM Punk quit, and this crowd could rip us apart tonight, but heres The Shield and The Wyatts again. OH MY GOD HE’S BACK!!! (See first Bad)

Was I the only one who noticed that?- I love how when Heyman was giving his promo, he sat in the same position as Punk did in his Pipebomb. Paul Heyman at his best ladies and gentleman. See look he even metnioned it!! Look at that. Only Paul Heyman has the balls to go into one of the rowdiest crowds in recent history, tease the city of Chicago about the absence of thier favorite son, and do it in Paul Heyman style. He gives you a great story and you think it’s going to end well, then BOOM! He taunts you again, talk about gold. I’m happy they finally adressed the situation that is going on with Punk. It’s even better that they used his theme music to start the show. Really quickly, as of writing (I write it live) I’m happy he isn’t back. If CM Punk where to come back, he would be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania, and he would become someone who he has hated for the past two years. Punk, take time off, come back, and Main Event when it’s best for everyone. It’s just amazing, that after Heyman talks and taunts CM Punk, he turns it into a promo about Lesnar and Taker. Once again, that’s Paul Heyman for you.

Shytown isn’t shy- This crowd is awesome, and I expected nothing less. Chicago, way to go!

Just once please- One of these days when Brock Lesnar gets into one of his temper tantrums, and just starts throwing stuff around and screams his name, he accidently puts too much power behind it and hits a fan in the face with a monitor, or a chair, or OH MY GOD STEEL STEPS!! LOOK OUT!!!

Who would have thunk it?-  I don’t know about you, but it was nice to see The Uso’s finally get the Tag Team titles. I was kind of losing faith that they were about to get the Daniel Bryan treatment. For those of you who don’t know, that means that they were so over, but that it apparently means nothing. Well, at least WWE knows what they’re doing with the tag division, because The Uso’s are the best tag team in the WWE. Also, a pretty solid match from the NAO and The Uso’s. I didn’t really expect much from it, because this is was the third match in two weeks, but I was surprised with how well of a match it was. Point is, it’s about time they got the titles, so kudos to them.

A Midcard feud?!-  It appears to me, that Intercontinental Championship finds itself involved in a pretty well put together feud. Whem was te last time that happened? Wait, it gets better. It involves Cesaro, who has opened the eys of the audience in the past year, and is well on his way to being a future star. Not only does it involve Cesaro, but it involves his partner, Jack Swagger, who is starting to get a little jealous of his partner. Throw in Big E. Langston, and we have ourselves a great feud over the Intercontinental Championshop. All three guys invlolved, have great chemistry, and I hope they all get a chance to just beat the heck out of each at Wrestlemania 30.

Here it goes on my own- For those of you who don’t get that title that was just given, it’s a Whitesnake song, so look it up. Anyways, here we go again, and for once, I have no problem in getting a rematch on Raw. Round Two between The Shield and The Wyatts, just one question, can we get a Round Three? Before we get a Round Three, lets focus on how awesome Round Two was. First, Seth Rollins, wow! If you ask me, he has the chance to be the best highflyer in the WWE since Rey Mysterio. Heck, he may even be better, based on how well he can sell and make anymove seem like it could kill him. Second, I understand that Chicago wants so see CM Punk, but this match was awesome, so how come they had to chant “CM Punk” during it. If this a Randy Orton match, or a Batista match, sure, no problem, but not during a match between the future of the WWE. NO! Yes! Both of those at the same time, Seth Rollins just walked out on The Shield!!! If it was going to be any member who walked out, he was the last one I would have picked. I love how he mentioned how he has been the glue holidng them together, because, well, he has been. Moving forward, that left Reigns and Ambrose to fend for themselves, then, well it just got better. Reigns just superman punched the heck out of everyone, speared Erik Rowan over/onto the announce table (that just got reassembled) and then took a dive from Luke Harper, who earlier it a viscious big boot on Ambrose. I wish this match could have lasted the whole night, and that this feud could go on forever, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy what I just saw.

The trolling continues- “WE WANT ZIGGLER” chants surfaced during that pretty awful mixed tag match. Where is he, because I want him too!

I’m sorry I missed all of that- During that whole segment involving Triple H and Daniel Bryan, I honestly thought that Daniel Bryan was talking to himself, because I couldn’t understand a word Triple H was saying. The crowd was going insane for Bryan, and even more insane for Triple H and Stephanie Mcmhaon (not saying that’s a good thing). Although, I will give Triple H credit for improving that line and turning the crowd on Bryan, when he was on the receiving end of a not so pleasent chant. I also thought he was heading out for his match with Batista so that was kind of weird, but it’s Daniel Bryan, so you can’t blame the guy. Everyone in that arena wants to be his best friend.

WE GOT DOLPH- Are we all watching the same Raw?! Dolph Ziggler just won a match on Raw! That has to be the first time in what? 6 Months? Sure, it was probably only because he was with Aaron Paul, but Ziggler just went face to face Batista on Smackdown, and finally got a win on Raw. Please push Ziggler, give us someone we want!!

Talk about Bearable- This years Hall of Fame Class has only gotten better. Paul Bearer was very desreving to make it into this years Hall of Fame, and althought it was pretty expected, it doesn’t take away from the fact, that Paul Bearer was great, and who knows? Maybe The Undertaker wouldn’t be what he is without him.

Follow the Buzzards- I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I am actually more excited for Wyatt and Cena then anyother feud that WWE is giving to us recently. Last week, Cena did a great job of selling a knew injury, and it made Bray Wyatt credible. Then Bray Wyatt got on the mic and did what Bray Wyatt does, and gives you gold. At least for once this is a refreshing feud that we haven’t seen before. Cena has been talking about how the future needs to go through him, and at Wrestlemania 30, expect the future to arrive in the form of Bray Wyatt.

The Bad

Nevermind- Nevermind, it’s just Paul Heyman. I really wish it was Barrett and he could come up and instantly become the most hated person in WWE. Can you imagine how hillarious that would be? He comes up on his podium, and you can’t even hear him over the boo’s, but then, you can’t help but laugh. If only, if only.

Every. Single. Year. – Listen, I love Undertaker just like everyone else does, but I can’t help but feel that he is being wasted on this feud with Lesnar. Sure, you have Heyman to do the talking, and that’s not a problem for me, it’s just that we all know Lesnar has no chance to win. When Undertaker went up against Shawn Michales, I didn’t know if Undertake was going to win. Same was said for Triple H, heck, even CM Punk had a better chance then Lesnar does. If this match would have happened two years ago, I would have felt Lesnar would possibly come out with the win, but not any longer. He hasn’t done anything special recently, and yes that includes beating up Big Show and Mark Henry. As much as it pains me to say, give us Taker and Cena, and make me believe that the Undertaker can be beat.

Breaking Raw- Aaron Paul is another guest host for WWE, as he is promoting his new Need for Speed movie. I’ve only heard good things about Breaking Bad, so this isn’t what it’s about. It’s about WWE once again getting into a weird mood of having celebrity hosts. Plus, it made it worse that after the preview for Need for Speed, we had to sit through some Divas talking about how he is on his way, and how they would like to ride him or whatever?! Couldn’t that have been used for something more productive? Kudos though that they mentioned Ziggler, unfortunetely for him, that will probably be all the time he gets on Raw.

Aren’t you in a superhero movie?- Didn’t Batista come back to the WWE mainly to promote his movie that comes out this summer? Isn’t that movie a superheor movie?! DIDN’T BATISTA JUST MAKE FUN OF DANIEL BRYAN FOR PORTRAYING A SUPERHERO?? What the heck? Listen, I understand Batista is getting some major heat right now, but why would he say that when he is in an upcoming movie, about superheros? One last thing on our friend Dave, I don’t enjoy how he thinks he’s some great wrestler who is on the level of Hogan and Austin. You’re best friends with Triple H, do you know who else is best friends with Triple H, Randy Orton. Do I need to say more?

Um, ok?-  What the heck was that promo with Stephanie Mcmhaon? We are aware of the WWE Network, but why the heck did we have to listen how when she was little, that Stephanie was best friends with Andre the Giant. Also, can’t your daughters just watch their “daddys” matches because your dad owns the company? Just a thought.

Stop yelling- Everyweek during a Bellas tag match, the most annoying part of Raw is listenting to one the Bellas yell “Come on Nikki” or “Come on Bri” I think she heard you the first time, so you don’t need to constantly yell at her, good gracious.


Overally, I thought the show was pretty average. The Shield match between The Wyatts was great once again, and The Uso’s finally captured the tag titels, but other then that, nothing really stood out for me. I was so upset that Punk didn’t show up at the end of Raw, as I really expected him to be here tonight. Tune in next week, for another Raw Review! See ya then!


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